SCA-Based Open Source Software Defined Radio

How to Contribute to OSSIE

There are several ways to contribute to the OSSIE project.

OSSIE is an open source project and we encourage everyone interested to contribute to the project.

Giving Feedback and Submitting Bugs
The ossie-discuss mailing list and the #ossie IRC channel on Freenode are probably the best methods of discussing and collaboratively solving end-user problems. For development-oriented discussions, #ossie, Trac tickets, and the ossie-dev mailing list are probably best. See the Contact page for details on the IRC channel and the mailing lists.

Making Contributions
Contributions are heartily welcomed. The best way to get involved is submit patches that fix bugs or add features. Other work such as writing or revising documentation would also be greatly appreciated. Patches can generally be sent to us using Trac. Becoming a bona fide OSSIE developer with write access to our subversion repository is also possible.

In order to make sure OSSIE stays open, we have licensed the source code under GNU's General Public License Version 2 and the Lesser General Public License Version 2.1. Contributions to the project must be made under these licenses. Our preferred coding style is listed under Development Policies. Procedures for using subversion on this project are listed here.